General Information

Is Vanir Capital a Bank?
What services does Vanir Capital Offer?
Is Vanir Capital Licenced?
Who is Behind Vanir Capital?
Where is Vanir Capital Located?

Loans, Salary Earner Loans, Business Loans and Loan Repayment

What financing solutions are available?
What is a salary earner loan and how do I apply?
What is LPO Financing?
What is a line of credit and how do I apply?
How much can I borrow? For how long?
How long does it take to process a loan?
Is my Bank Verification Number Required?
I dont know my bank BVN what do I do?
What are the required documents for a personal loan at Vanir Capital?
Can I apply for a loan from any location?
Why was my loan application rejected?
How do I repay my loan?
How can I make an early repayment
If I make an early payment will I pay less or will there be a penalty?
What happens if I am late on repayment?
Can I reschedule my Loan repayment date?
What happens If I do not pay back my loan?
Can I have more than one Loan at a time?
What are the required documents for a business loan at Vanir Capital?
What are the required documents for an LPO at Vanir Capital?


As an existing Investor I would like to change my order
how do I go about it?
How much can I Invest?
How long can I invest for?
How is interest calculated?
Can I have more than one investment plan?
Can I top up a existing investment?
Is there a fee to set up an investment account?
What is a maturity date?
How is my money protected?
How do I monitor my investments?
Can I opt out of the scheme at any time?
How Do I opt-out?
Do I get a certificate of Investment?

Security and Privacy

Can I trust Vanir Capital with my data?
Who has access to my data?

Credit Bureau and Credit Score

What is Credit Bureau?
What is a Credit Score
How does Vanir Capital work with the Credit Bureau?

Fees Charges and Taxes

Are there fees on loans
Are there fees on Investments?
Are there tax obligations on loans or investments?
Are there hidden charges?